Hi I’m Anna, 

I am a therapist specialising in anxiety working with individuals and businesses. My mission is to bring more happiness and harmony into this chaotic world.

I work with adults 17+ who want more happiness and harmony in their life but find their anxiety gets in the way.

You can access my therapy through; 

  • Face-to-face therapy in my centre in Birkenhead 
  • Online counselling over zoom
  • Telephone counseling
  • Home visits on the Wirral

Anxiety can be all consuming. You lie awake at night worried about the day ahead and you struggle to find joy in life anymore, even when there are good things happening. 

Heart palpitations and that familiar sinking feeling in your stomach makes you feel like you are constantly on red alert.

Friends and family don’t seem to understand, telling you everything is going to be fine won’t change how you feel. 

Some people are afraid to see a counselor because they are worried they will be pushed to face things they aren’t ready to or made to feel uncomfortable. They feel they should be able to deal with their own anxiety and shouldn’t need to ask for help. 

If this is you I want to reassure you that working with me is collaborative.

We take this journey together. I am there to listen without judgment but also where necessary, I can gently challenge your thinking so you can finally move forward. 

I’ve been there, I have experienced anxiety myself before I began my own counseling journey.

This is why I am so passionate about helping others with anxiety in my practice. I know what is possible when you make a commitment to get help.  

How long do we work together?

I don’t set any rules on how many sessions you book but I recommend six to begin with.

We will regularly review your progress and how well you are doing at reaching your goals. If anything needs adapting or changing, we work flexibility together to make sure you get exactly what you need from our relationship.


 My Background

I am a qualified counsellor trained in humanistic and person centred therapy which means we explore your feelings in a safe way and give value all your emotions. We look at how your life experiences have influenced your anxiety and allow you to talk freely about your thoughts and feelings in a way that you are unable to do with friends and family. 

I am also qualified and experienced in CBT. This stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Using this, we look at your thoughts and how they affect your actions and feelings. We are then able to identify the thoughts and situations that feed into your anxiety and find coping strategies to enable you to dial the intense feelings down. 


What else I help with

Anxiety often doesn’t stand on its own.  It is often caused by various events that are out  of our control. 

I  work with people who have experienced abuse, bereavement, Cancer, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Depression, Health related issues, Identity issues, Loss, Self esteem, Stress and Work related issues

I am here to help you overcome the anxiety caused by these experiences and create a life with more happiness and harmony. 

There is hope.