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SUPPORTING Chester businesses and employees with counselling


Counselling sessions in Chestergates now open with a clinic every Tuesday.

Since 2020 I have been practicing as a counsellor in Birkenhead and seen many clients struggling with stress, overwhelm and burnout.

Before working as a counsellor I worked in HR where I saw firsthand how work stress can affect wellbeing.  I know that employers want their staff to feel safe and happy in the workplace and to be able to provide the right support to enable this.

Sometimes though it’s not possible to support their staff as well as they might like.

For example a lack of time can hinder this particularly where there is a large team or workload.  There is also the difficulty of navigating a dual role of managing performance and supporting.

Employees can also feel uncomfortable sharing personal struggles with managers and colleagues meaning that management might not be aware there is an issue.


My experience as a counsellor working with anxiety informs me that unmanaged work stress can manifest as burnout, a state of emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced effectiveness. This not only impacts employee morale and job satisfaction but also leads to trends like:

  • Absenteeism: Stress-related illness and exhaustion can cause employees to miss work more frequently.
  • Presenteeism: Employees may be physically present, but their mental and emotional state hinders their productivity and focus.
  • Increased Turnover: Chronic stress can lead employees to seek new opportunities with a better work-life balance.

According to The Red Cross, 12.7% of sickness absence days in the UK are attributed to mental health problems, including stress.



  • Early intervention: Employees struggling with stress can access confidential support promptly, preventing issues from escalating.
  • Stress management skills: Counselors equip individuals with valuable tools to manage stress effectively, fostering resilience and emotional well-being.
  • Improved work-life balance: Counseling can help employees develop healthy boundaries and create a more sustainable work pace.
  • Increased productivity: By addressing stress and improving mental health, employees experience greater focus and motivation, leading to higher quality work and a happier workplace.


Now open for booking on Tuesday afternoons/evenings (other times available on request) in Chestergates Business Centre, Telford Court, Chester, CH1 6LT.

The venue is wheelchair accessible and has plenty of parking for ease of access.

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Counselling is a great benefit to offer your staff, helping to boost staff morale and wellbeing.  Please contact me to talk about how I can support your staff and your business.


You don’t need a referral to start counselling – just click the book now button to schedule a free chat or https://annapluck.com/contact-anna/for more information.