I work with businesses who have small teams and want to bring more happiness and harmony into the workplace.

Anxiety is at a full time high and it is impacting attendance, productivity and retention. I can help.

Mental Health in the Workplace

13.7 million working days are lost to work related stress, anxiety and depression. This is estimated to  cost businesses and the UK economy £28.3 billion. 

When the cost of presenteeism (when staff attend work when unwell and are unable to perform at full capacity) and increased staff turnover is taken into account the figure is much higher and is estimated to be £53-56 bilion (Deloitte mental health report 2022

It doesn’t have to be this way.   You have the power to help.

By taking a proactive approach and facing the issue, you will make your staff feel valued,  supported and give them the practical guidance they  need to feel happy in work. 

Anxiety  can be crippling, even when someone with anxiety is in work, it doesn’t mean they are present emotionally and giving  the business their best. 

With the right support they can build resilience, have better relationships with team members, have less sick days and are more likely to stay in their role. 

Saving  you time and money but also giving you the peace of mind to know that you are doing the best by your staff and helping them to navigate this chaotic world. 

Your workplace and your staff can be happy and harmonious. 

How I can help

I provide one to one counselling for your employees.

Sessions are designed to help build resilience and coping skills.  I use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which is the main therapy recommended by the NHS to treat anxiety and depression.  CBT alone has been shown to be 50-75% effective after 5-15 sessions.  I usually suggest starting with 8 sessions with a review after session 6.  Sessions are 50 minutes long and we aim to have weekly sessions at the start of therapy increasing the gap between sessions as your employee progresses and learns new ways of coping.